Making Girl Scouts Part of Your Family

You probably already know that Girl Scouts can help your girl be happier, healthier, Girl Scout Family
more successful in school, and more satisfied with her life. But it’s not just your girl who benefits when you join—Girl Scouts makes family life better.

Make Her Experience Memorable
Want to play a meaningful role in her Girl Scout experience, but not sure where to start? Consider this the ultimate cheat sheet for all-star Girl Scout parents—no matter how busy you may be! And remember when you help with her troop, you’re not only doing her troop leader a favor but a

  • If You Have 15 Minutes a Week, offer to…
    Organize and manage the calendar for troop snacks or carpools. There’s no need to provide goodies or buckle up the girls every week yourself! Simply helping other parents sign up and commit to future meeting dates will make meetings go smoothly for everyone.
  • If You Have 30 Minutes a Week, offer to…
    Manage troop communications for the troop leader. This can mean anything from sending texts to parents to confirm meeting dates or to update them with changes to the schedule, maintaining the troop’s social presence, or organizing an old-fashioned phone tree in case of an emergency.
  • If You Have 45 Minutes a Week, offer to…
    Take photos or videos at meetings and Girl Scout events. Leaders are often too busy to document every exciting moment, so your help will likely be well-received. Just be sure all girls have signed photo releases and they’re on file with your council before snapping and sharing images.
  • If You Have 1–2 Hours a Week, offer to…
    Lead part of a troop meeting or guide girls through earning a specific badge. You can introduce them to a topic that you have special expertise in or explore a new activity and learn alongside the troop!
  • If You Have 2–3 Hours a Week, offer to…
    Take on the role of cookie volunteer for your girl’s troop. You’ll be playing a key part in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, which raises funds for troop activities and teaches girls financial skills, how to be confident when speaking publicly, and how to make decisions and collaborate as a group.

No matter how you contribute to your girl’s troop, seeing you play an active role in her experience will give her a sense of pride—don’t be surprised if when her Girl Scout friends start to admire and appreciate you, she sees you in a whole different light! Plus, getting involved gives you something special that you’re part of together, which in our busy lives, is worth its weight in gold.


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Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.
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