Be a Smart Cookie

Crunch Time
Know your cookies! Get familiar with the names, flavors, and ingredients of the different types of cookies. Many people have food allergies, so it’s good to know which cookies do not contain nuts, gluten, or dairy.

Wear the Uniform
Wear your Girl Scout vest/sash with badges. Better yet, see if you can borrow a cookie cookie package
costume from your local service center. It’s impossible to say no to a Girl Scout dressed as a giant cookie!

Go Viral 
Make a video to email to your family and friends who live out of town. They won’t be able to resist buying cookies after seeing your pitch “in person.”

Knock on Doors
Going door-to-door is a great way to build your sales and get to know your neighborhood. Make sure you introduce yourself, make eye contact, and smile. Remind your neighbors that their purchase helps support you and your troop. Be sure to bring your parent/guardian, troop leader, or adult with you when selling door-to-door.

Package Your Product
Research shows that customers buy more cookies if they are bundled. Take advantage of this sales-increasing technique by bundling boxes of three and five. Don’t forget to add some personality – try tying boxes together with a simple ribbon, or get fancy and add a tag with a powerful message or thank-you.

Sell on the Spot
Find high-traffic areas (shopping centers, offices, churches, etc.) – the more people, the more chances you have to sell cookies. Be sure to ask for permission from the person in charge before you set up shop. Always Bling your Booth – we’ve got plenty of great tools and inspiration to make your booth a show-stopper and help you score big sales.

Go for Volume
Talk to local business owners about buying cookies in bulk to use as delicious gifts or incentives at work or about giving you space to set up a booth on location. A Girl Scout cookie booth is a service to the existing customers of a business and can attract new customers to the store or office.

Build a Fan Base
Call, visit, or email customers who have ordered from you in the past to get their pre-order. Re-contact your early customers to see if they want to order more. Keep records of names, numbers, emails, and favorite cookies to keep in touch with your cookie fan base.

Say “Thanks-A-Lot”
For those who pre-ordered cookies, include a thank-you note. It shows that you truly appreciate their purchase and that you went the extra mile. When it comes time to order again, you’re top on their list.

Promote Yourself
Show your passion for your cookie business. We offer additional sales tools like yard signs, car magnets, and T-shirts to help promote your cookie business.

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