Hooray for Summer Camp!

I think it was just about a week ago, when I was leaving work at 5:00 p.m. when I noticed it had already been dark for an hour, but now it’s still light out all the way home.

This time of the year always makes me think about camp, especially the opening campfire we do at resident camp the first night.  During the summer the sun stays up so much longer, and we are always trying to time the campfire just right so it’s getting dark, but not totally dark. We typically aim for around 8:30 p.m. . . . which is a big difference from the 5:30 p.m. we are all use to.

The opening campfire is one of my favorite times of camp, because it reminds me that the girls have a whole week of camp ahead of them.  It’s the beginning of their escape from the stresses of the real world and the technology that constantly surrounds them.  This is the beginning of their journey, the beginning of friendships, and the beginning of life-long memories. This is the moment we work for all year – we get to watch it unfold with all the amazing possibilities ahead of us.

I think about the same things when I flip through the Summer Activity Guide, even though we’ve been planning these camp sessions before the last camper left last summer.  I wonder what silly stories the girls will share while they are traveling to St. Louis as a Camp Widji Teen Traveler.  I am excited for the re-connection that will happen between girls and their gals at Camp Kiwanis during their adventure at the Pixie Paradise or girls and their guys at Camp Tapawingo during their Western Adventure.  I am looking forward to the best sights at Camp Peairs is when the sailboats are out and all the beautiful sails are floating across the water under the control of our Sail Away or Sail-Yaking campers.

There is so much possibility in the pages of the Summer Activity Guide —- will your summer have horses or a Mini-Resident Camp or even a Community Day Camp in your own neck of the woods?

I hope you’ll take an evening soon and sit down with your camper and look at all the possibilities she has this summer.

Registration starts on March 14th, so be sure to register and claim your spot soon. Every year there are several camps that fill-up the first day of registration.

if you are not sure or need some advice on choosingjust the right summer camp for your daughter, please contact one of our camp directors. We would love to assist you with your summer plans.

You’re summer adventure awaits you!

Katie “Bugs” Nolan
Program Specialist
Camp Director – Camp Tapawingo & Camp Peairs

Jennifer “Sherwood” Kernan
Program Specialist
Camp Director – Camp Widjiwagan

Billie “Skeeter” Waddell
Program Specialist
Camp Director – Camp Kiwanis

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