Simple Tips for a Successful Cookie Booth

Running a Girl Scout cookie booth is easy! Depends on who you ask! A few tips can make your cookie booth extremely successful.

GSCI cookie booths run from March 9th through April 15th. Sign up for cookie booths begins January 31st. All area cookie booths (with the exception of the Peoria Service Center area) can be arranged on the website. To reserve cookie booths in the Peoria Service Center, you must fill out the Cookie Booth Reservation Form on our website and turn in the completed form to the Peoria Service Center.

Running a successful cookie booth requires planning. Preparation goes into successfully coordinating a tasty table of treats! If it helps you can use the 4 “S” method to success: Scheduling, Scouts, Supplies and Stock.

Scheduling – Location is key!

  • It’s important that you sign up for booths when first available.
  • Scope out the locations where you want to set up your cookie booths. Do they have full parking lots? What times are they the most busy? Look for locations is popular areas full of people.
  • The best time for booths are weekend afternoons and weekday nights.

Scouts – Training for success!

  • Schedules your girls at the booth is important. Cookie booths should not be manned by the parents or troop leaders. Girls should be available for cookie booths. Depending on the age level of your girls, schedule between 2 to 4 per girls and 1 to 2 parents or troop leaders per every two hours. This gives everyone the responsibility to take part and earn funds for the troop.
  • Your girls behavior should be appropriate for selling at your cookie booth. Girls should not be eating at your booth. They should be standing – ready and eager to assist customers. Each customer should be asked if they would like to purchase cookies. Girls should look the customers in the eyes and smile. Always take rejection cheerfully. Let the girls take breaks during their shifts. Make sure they use the buddy system when they are away from the booth.

Supplies and Stock – Be prepared!

  • At least 2 card tables (put the word out with your troop; more than likely, you will be able to borrow and not have to buy any).
  • One Girl Scouts tablecloth per table.
  • A chair for the cookie adult and/or the girl on break.
  • Handmade signs promoting the cookie booth.
  • Cookies of course! Be sure to have enough cookies on hand for your location and time day.

If you have any questions regarding cookie booths, please contact your membership specialist in your area or the office coordinator at your service center.

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